Opportunity for Littleproud to do the right thing

David Littleproud has the opportunity to do the right thing by our farmers and to put labour force issues back on the Turnbull Government’s policy agenda.

Revelations today that farmers are facing labour shortages of up to 3000 workers is a massive wake up call.

As Labor predicted during the backpackers tax debate, fruit is being left on the ground to rot due to the negative impact the new tax is having on attracting backpacker numbers.

Malcolm Turnbull and David Littleproud must act today to get our farmers the seasonal labour they desperately need.

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  • Greg Gilmour
    commented 2018-01-13 08:45:41 +1100
  • Greg Gilmour
    commented 2018-01-12 18:22:50 +1100
    There is no shortage of potential fruit-pickers in this country Joel. It doesn’y take long to train up an unskilled person to pick fruit. What fruit-growers (and other rural industries) are short of in this country are people who are prepared to work in a first-world or\chard for 3rd world wages. Bringing in visa workers and backpackers to do the work is opportunistic exploitation. Economic exploitation and, if the stories are true, often sexual.