Scripts won't solve senseless APVMA move stress

Today more astonishing reports have emerged about the extraordinary lengths the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has been forced to go in efforts to manage the dysfunctional forced relocation of the agency from its base in Canberra to Armidale, in Barnaby Joyce’s electorate.

Staff members have been offered scripted lines by their employer to manage the way they speak about the Authority’s move to friends and relatives in social “barbecue” settings.

These talking points aim to perpetuate the idea there is “nothing to see here”, all the while a significant portion of the APVMA’s highly skilled and valuable regulatory scientists have already departed the APVMA since the relocation was announced or have refused to relocate to Armidale.

This is just another example that proves Barnaby Joyce’s pork barrel is a sham.

This unprecedented move suggests the APVMA’s staff are overwhelmed and under considerable stress as the authority deals with internal turmoil from the unnecessary and harmful disruption.

Instead of being offered PR lines on how to manage the Government’s wrecking ball move, they should be provided the genuine support they need.

Cracks are already beginning to show with approval times on vital ag chemicals and vet medicines estimated to blow out to unacceptable lengths and indications AG-VET chemical companies and investors are avoiding Australia in favour of other countries because of the dysfunction.

Barnaby Joyce knows his boondoggle will inflict harm on the agriculture sector and will threaten animal and human health so he has been doing everything in his power to distract attention and cover it up.

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