Turnbull running scared

Today the Turnbull Government took the extraordinary decision to pull their Export Legislation Amendment (Live-Stock) Bill 2018. The bill was listed first for debate in the Parliament today.

Yesterday, I foreshadowed that Labor will move an amendment to the bill to incorporate a mirror copy of the Sussan Ley Private Members’ Bill to phase out the live sheep export trade over five years. This amendment to the bill would have brought the vote on quicker and given it a better chance of passing the House with a simple majority, reflecting the true will of the Parliament - to phase out cruelty in the live sheep export trade.

The actions taken today clearly show that Malcolm Turnbull is running scared that he does not have the confidence of his party to stop Labor’s amendment.

After all the feigned anger over the Awassi Express incident, the Prime Minister is now putting his own political survival ahead of animal welfare standards.

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  • Geoff Cook
    commented 2018-05-31 20:07:22 +1000
    Thanks Joel, we are behind you and Labor. We’re in it for whatever it takes. The Turnbull Gov need to be scared, this issue is a vote changer and they know it. Time will deliver the same outcome whether the Bill passes now or after Liberal is voted out.