In the wake of the ABC 7.30 program’s report into the mistreatment of greyhounds in Macau, Barnaby Joyce has shown to have no credibility in effectively dealing with this matter.

Sadly, this should come as no surprise to the Australian community as Barnaby Joyce’s first two acts as a newly appointed Minister were to scrap Labor’s plan to implement an Inspector General for Animal Welfare and Live Exports and to abolish the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy Advisory Committee.

Barnaby Joyce is refusing to speak directly to the public in response to last night’s program which exposed failings in animal welfare standards for racing greyhounds and he seems to be oblivious to community expectations.

Greyhounds Australasia understands the importance of social licencing with regards to animal welfare standards and is desperately seeking assistance from the Minister who is able to strengthen regulation to ensure better welfare outcomes.

We have seen through Labor’s Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System that better regulation can improve both animal welfare standards and open new export markets.

It’s past time Minister Joyce dealt with this issue and if he refuses to do so, then Malcolm Turnbull needs to hold his Minister to account over his failing to strengthen welfare standards for the greyhound industry.


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