Barnaby Joyce's determination to force the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority  and a number of agriculture research & development corporations to move from Canberra is sheer madness.

It is a bad decision for agriculture and a devastating blow for those professionals who serve the sector through these bodies.
Worse, Barnaby Joyce is offering no money  to fund the moves and it will be even more expensive given the number of redundancies it will cause. 
Barnaby Joyce says people should up-root their families because he found it necessary to do so to fulfill his political ambition.  How disgracefully arrogant and out of touch to say this.  These comments are a telling reflection on Barnaby Joyce’s attitude towards his Department.
Agriculture is about to lose significant talent and expertise in the crucial areas of research & development and chemicals regulation.
It's a devastating blow from a political party which promised to boost research& development.  This move will do just the opposite.

FRIDAY, 15 MAY 2015

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