A Shorten Labor Government will provide the policy guidance Australia’s agriculture sector needs to meet its full potential, rise to its challenges and create more prosperity and jobs in our regions.

Since coming to office the Abbott-Turnbull Government has failed the agriculture sector and regional communities by giving priority to spin over policy substance.

Australia prospers when our regions prosper. From cattle farms and wineries to wool, wheat and minerals, regional Australia generates a significant part of Australia’s wealth. 

In return, regional communities rightly expect the same high quality services and facilities that people in our major cities enjoy.
Labor will put productivity and sustainable profitability front-and-centre in our determination to see regional Australia thrive and our agricultural industries grow into the future.

Labor’s sustainable profitability agenda will be underpinned by:
• Investing in people and strengthening our regional workforce through education and training.
• Boosting research and development to improve productivity through innovation.
• Improving export market access, encouraging greater private sector investment and promoting value-added products.
• Tackling weeds, pest animals and plant diseases to protect agricultural investments.
• Strengthening critical infrastructure including roads, rail and telecommunications.
• Tackling climate change and drought while helping farmers to adapt.
• Developing clear plans for Australia’s high growth agricultural sectors.

Labor understands and shares the aspirations of Australia’s agriculture sector:  to boost jobs; strengthen regional communities; and move Australia up the value curve for long-term growth.

Labor’s plan for Australian agriculture will allow us to work together with the sector and regional Australians to meet those aspirations in the years to come.

For more information on Labor’s positive plan for Australia’s agriculture and our regional communities visit:

MONDAY, 27 JUNE 2016

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