Shadow Minister for Agriculture joined Landcare leaders and volunteers at Canberra’s Arboretum to celebrate Landcare’s 25th Birthday and to launch the new Landcare Environment Collection - Think Global Act Local.

Mr Fitzgibbon thanked Landcare members for their work and expressed disbelief at the $848 million Budget funding cut.

‘For every dollar the Government gives Landcare it receives a return of between 5 to 15 dollars thanks to the work of Landcare volunteers”, Mr Fitzgibbon said.

Furthermore Mr Fitzgibbon paid homage to the Hon Bob Hawke and stated that “I’m sure when he declared in 1990 that the ten years there on would be the “Landcare Decade” that he didn’t mean for it to come to an end ten years on and it shouldn’t come to an end and we should as a Government and as a Parliament continue to accept the very generous contribution of those who work so hard on such a regular basis and give so much of their time to fill the gap that Government could have never hoped to fill in terms of sustaining our natural environment”

The new Landcare Environment Collection - Think Global Act Local, a partnership between Landcare and digital company Pozible is an internet based fundraising , support and Landcare awareness platform.

Mr Fitzgibbon congratulated Landcare for their initiative which will help to extend its global reach and hopefully, put the organisation on a more sustainable funding path.


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