Labor has dealt a major blow to Tony Abbott’s plans to cut the pension and increase the pension age to 70.

Labor stood side by side with Hunter pensioners to block Tony Abbott’s unfair pension changes in the Senate.

We’ve won the fight, but the battle isn’t over.

Make no mistake if Tony Abbott gets his way he will cut the pension and he will increase the pension age to 70.

Under Tony Abbott 23,300 pensioners in the Hunter electorate face having their pension cut by as much as $80 a week within ten years according to the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS).

Tony Abbott lied to pensioners before the last election.

Mr Abbott promised there would be “no cuts or changes to the pension”.

After the election Mr Abbott handed down a Budget containing cuts to pension indexation and an increase to the pension age to 70.

Hunter pensioners know Tony Abbott can’t be trusted when it comes to the pension.

I will continue to stand up for Australian pensioners by fighting this bad Budget.

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