Labor’s six-point plant for animal welfare will boost Australian agriculture by making it more productive and sustainable.

Our plan aims to attract investment and grow markets for Australia’s agricultural products.

Our agribusinesses compete in a rapidly changing world where consumers and investors alike are increasingly demanding the world's best animal welfare.

Just as sovereign wealth funds and other institutional investors are winding back investments in the nuclear, tobacco and some fossil fuel sectors, they are increasingly demanding that the welfare of animals be protected and promoted through production and the supply chain.

Consumers are also voting with their wallets, demanding that food and other products are made in a way that matches their expectations on animal welfare.

Labor's plan is good for animal welfare and good for the agriculture sector.

Labor's plan is not about more regulation; indeed, it may lead to less red tape.

We will:
1. Establish an independent Office of Animal Welfare to provide advice on the full spectrum of animal welfare issues.

2. Establish an independent Inspector-General of Animal Welfare within the Department of Agriculture.

3. Renew the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy, which was abolished by Barnaby Joyce, to make us the leader in our region for animal welfare.

4. Review the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System so agricultural producers and consumers can be confident that animal welfare is protected at every stage, from the farm to the plate.

5. Provide more transparency and accountability, with the Minister of Agriculture providing quarterly reports to Parliament so we can take advantage of new and emerging markets and provide information on animal welfare standards and investigations.

6. Ban animal testing on cosmetics in Australia.

Our plan shows national leadership. We will breathe new life into Commonwealth-State cooperation to reduce duplication and standardise the rules across the States and Territories.

Labor will bring stakeholders and experts together to deal with emerging issues before they cause problems, and help our agricultural producers maintain the best standards in the world at the lowest cost.

FRIDAY, 27 MAY 2016

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