Let's get on with AGL's plans to create jobs in the Hunter

I welcome AGL’s rejection of Alinta Energy and Chow Tai Fook Enterprises’ offer to buy the Liddell Power Station.  It’s good news for the Hunter region.

Liddell Power Station is fast approaching the end of its economic life and AGL’s plans to build new generation capacity is the only way to maintain and grow long-term jobs in the region.

AGL will build new capacity through the upgrade of the Bayswater coal-powered generator and the development of new gas, large-scale solar and pumped-hydro generation along with battery storage technologies. 

The Liddell Power Station asset is crucial to AGL’s plans and the Prime Minister must now get out of the way and allow AGL to progress its plans.  His recent interventions are frustrating and are delaying those plans.

AGL’s investment will allow the Hunter region to maintain its status as the “power house” of NSW.  It will create jobs and allow us to make the transition to a lower-carbon economy.

In the Hunter we have the workforce, the land, the resources and the transmission lines.  The only thing holding back our aspiration is the Turnbull Government and its rabid right wing. 


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