Tony Abbott said at the last election he wouldn’t increase taxes. Now Australians will pay every time they fill up their vehicles.

The Abbott Government has bypassed Parliament to raise petrol prices in the latest attack on regional Australia and those who can least afford it.
Despite Joe Hockey’s commitment to his party room and Senator Ian Macdonald in June to model the impact of his unfair petrol price hike on rural and regional Australia, he’s still produced nothing.
The Abbott Government is ramming this unfair increase through via the backdoor with no thought for families in regional and rural Australia.
These are the families who will be hardest hit by Tony Abbott’s $2.2 billion petrol tax bill.
Regional and rural Australia has limited public transport, people have to travel further to work, or look for work, to get groceries and take kids to school.
It’s an absolute disgrace that Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey won’t be honest about the damage this tax hike will have in our regional and rural areas.
It shows they didn’t think about families in the bush when they developed this unfair budget and it shows the Nationals have again failed to stand up for their communities. 
People in rural and regional Australia can no longer rely on the Nationals to stand up for them. If the Nationals were doing their job properly, there wouldn’t be a new petrol tax. 
As a part of the weekly budget, this increase in petrol costs will devastate Australians doing it tough.
Labor will continue to stick up for Australians who need it most and fight this sneaky price hike by a dishonest Abbott Government.

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