Inept Prime Minister spends $87,000 of taxpayers' money to keep Coalition Agreement a secret

In Parliament today Malcolm Turnbull was forced to admit he has paid a team of high-powered lawyers $87,000 of taxpayers’ money to keep the Coalition Agreement secret from the Australian people.

That might not seem like a lot to our out of touch, born to rule Prime Minister, but it’s $87,000 of public money that won’t be spent on schools, hospitals or making life better for working Australians.

Turnbull relies on the Coalition Agreement with the Nationals to form Government and cling to power.  The Australian people deserve to know the basis on which their Prime Minister holds office.

Australians shouldn’t have to blindly suffer the dysfunctional relationship between the warring parties in this Coalition Government.

Turnbull spent the last two and a half weeks claiming the Coalition Agreement prevented him from sacking disgraced former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce - when everybody knew it was really just because Turnbull was too weak to act.

Under the Coalition Agreement, Turnbull embraced the conservatives’ harmful and unnecessary plebiscite on marriage equality and sold out on climate change.

He caved-in to the Nationals on Government legislation and ministerial portfolios, to wrest the Leadership from Tony Abbott and become Prime Minister.

Yet he expects us to believe the Coalition Agreement is not an “official document” of the Government.

If this inept Prime Minister wants to keep his dirty deal with the Nationals secret from the Australian people, he should pay for his lawyers himself.

Expecting the taxpayer to swallow his excuses on top of being slugged for Turnbull’s spiralling legal costs is simply adding insult to injury.


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  • Dave McEwan
    commented 2018-03-06 14:24:46 +1100
    Bad sidestep. Just have to send the NSW Sheriff around and tow away Joel’s car, or change the locks and sell his house.
  • Steve Barclay
    commented 2018-03-02 20:42:08 +1100
    Could pay $1.75 million to get your job pay your own legals you clown
  • Dave McEwan
    commented 2018-02-27 21:54:03 +1100
    The costs order is made out against Joel Fitzgibbon by the Federal Court. You will be wasting your own money as you are now to reimburse the taxpayer.